In the beginning – Part One


As we begin our crowdfunding journey again, I wanted to, as the writer of Dead Air, give those new (and old) to our plight a bit of background to what we are all about? As well as document the making of the film, both the short and ultimately, hopefully, the feature film idea, I wanted to take a trip back in time via my addled memory and bring us up to date, as much as I can, over the course of various blog entries.

I have always wanted to just be a writer. Somewhere along the way I found myself doing other jobs; editor, cameraman, producer, director, puppeteer 😉 but writing was what I really wanted to focus on.

The director Geoff Harmer and I met for the first time around November 2015. Whilst we had mutual friends, and had done for years, we had never met until this point. This meeting, in a coffee shop, was the beginnings of a journey, an adventure, one which started with a weird little horror film I had made a couple of years earlier, but only now was going out to festivals.

This was a horror feature film called ‘Scrawl’ which I had made with students and professionals working together to create a film to play festivals as well as give the students credits to ‘kickstart’ their careers. One of the professionals we worked with right at the start of her career was Daisy Ridley, who exploded onto the scene in mid 2014 by being cast in Star Wars episode 7.  What had started out for us as an independent feature for students to ‘learn their craft’ on, turned into something people were wanting to watch. Including Geoff.

Geoff watched the film over the Christmas period, and in early 2016 we met up again, where he posed the question.

‘Would you like to write something for me?’

‘Sure’ I said, trying to not explode with excitement at being asked to write something for someone else.

‘I have access to a plane’ Geoff said ‘and can do anything I like, as long as it involves zombies…’

Ugh, zombies, I thought. Aren’t we drowning in zombies at this point?? Turned out the zombies idea didn’t come from Geoff, but being given the ‘location’ for free we had to see if we could make it work.

The plane was a AN2 Russian Biplane, and the initial idea that Geoff had was good, involving our ‘fear of flying’ and ‘fear of those around us’ and it was something I would’ve gladly written if I WASN’T SUCH A CONTROL FREAK. I wanted to see what else I could do with it, and how to make zombies cool again.

I asked Geoff how closely he wanted me to stick to his idea. He replied

‘As long as it’s set on a plane, and has zombies…’

I went home excited at the new writing task, but also petrified. How was I going to make this all work?? I started thinking, and writing, and thinking some more.

My brain started to hurt. What was I going to do with this plane? Who was going to be on the plane? Why were they going to be on the plane?

Then I had an idea.

To be continued…

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