Dead Air – onwards & upwards

I haven’t posted for a few days, so a quick update beyond what we can put on the other socials is in order.

Firstly THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to our indiegogo so far, it is still so humbling that we have such support. We are still a way from our initial £10k goal so any shouts, screams, posts, anyway you can help us get that word out further would be appreciated. 

If we hit our £10k early we can get the film up and running earlier. If we don’t hit the goal we’ve set, indiegogo charge more of a finishing percentage (almost double what they charge if we hit our goal) so that would seriously damage what we can do with the final film, so please help. Tell people in your circles that may not be in our circles. Tell all!!

Secondly, we are being picked up by various online blogs and podcasts, so check out our twitter or Facebook feed to see who is talking about us and where. We have a few things on the horizon, so keep checking back.

Third, this week we met with Andrew James Spooner, our Puppet Co-ordinator on Dead Air. It was fantastic to see him be able to bring life to our puppet creatures and talk about movie influences and movie turn offs among other things. We are very excited to see where this collaboration will be able to take our project. Also to hear Muppet related stories made me a bit giddy to say the least.

So check our indiegogo by clicking on the link, or sharing the URL and if you haven’t already backed us, consider it and #backamonster

Finally, we are throwing a few more perks up this week for you to choose from. There are a number there of varying levels. Don’t feel overwhelmed. 

Choice is good. Make the choice. Back Dead Air today.

Thank you 🙂

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