What the bleeding puppets?!?

With the exciting midweek news that Netflix is producing a 10 part Dark Crystal series we find ourselves in the midst of a puppet renaissance on film.

When we first decided to add puppets to Dead Air, we were drawing from our love of Henson’s fantasy greats from the 80s as well as horror puppets from films like Critters and Gremlins. We thought that those days were long gone, but we now find ourselves amidst not just the new Dark Crystal series but a new Labyrinth (or at least a movie set in that world) as well as an interesting looking Kickstarter called We R Animals by Thobias Hoffmen, that has been in the works since 2010; the feature Cute Little Buggers by Tony Jopia which I’ve been following for the past few years finally getting distribution, and not to mention the reboot of Puppet Master – the Littlest Reich, which seems to have a decent amount of money behind it.

Then there is us. Our little film.
Our budget may be small but our ambition is huge. We’ve been really lucky so far to get the amazing cast we’ve put together, as well as the crew, the awesome puppets by Lydia, Anna and the gang plus Andrew James Spooner, Alex Genn Bash, Tank Fall FX, Black Hangar Studios, without whom there wouldn’t be the Dead Air we are hoping to make.
Our Dead Air team gets bigger and stronger by the day. We’ve still a way to go to reach our goal on indiegogo so every little helps, every shout brings in a crowd. We want our film to be the start of something special, a short that travels the world, that makes audiences sit up and take notice.
We still have our feature script in the works, and this is our ultimate goal to make a short, a concept short that can show others exactly the kind of beast we want to be putting together.
With your help we can do this.
Oh, and just you wait; when we can announce our Hollywood Genre great, you will flip. Really, I guarantee you will.
Get Dead Air flying today. Help the puppet renaissance really take off.

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