Late to the party?

Well it’s been a while.

Because of everything else going on, the blog has taken a bit of a back seat, but I thought it was time for a bit of an update.

Alex Genn Bash has officially come on board in order to make more of our creatures which is a big help now we are plane bound. He is busy tweaking our wonderful puppets, allowing our puppeteers more opportunities for movement. 

The Dead Air feature script is well under way, this is an expansion of the short, taking it off in many different directions. Having already written a full version of the feature script, this has been thrown out and replaced by a page one rewrite which is ongoing but suffice to say TOTALLY BONKERS!

Our dates for the short are set and we shoot in September in lovely Hampshire at Black Hangar Studios. Still much to do before then, lots of planets to align, lots of props to build or find, lots of blood to gather.

We continue to be ‘in demand’ on Indiegogo. We will need to run another crowdfunder before the project is complete because this short is MASSIVE and the post production crowdfunding was always on the cards, so if you haven’t backed us because you’ve come to the party late or you really want to see this film become a success, every little does help and you can check us out at DEAD AIR INDIEGOGO

Our wonderful punks met for the first time this weekend just gone when the Dead Air crew had them come together for their head casts by Tank Fall FX & a quick photo shoot in a converted cattle shed. Charlie Bond, Kate Davies Speak, Stacy Hart and Johanna Bond came together and felt like they had known each other for years! There was also much discussion regarding the script & the way our director Geoff saw the film playing out on screen. This made it all feel very real and September cannot come quick enough.

Our characters in Dead Air – the short, have no names, they are just known as the Singer, the Drummer etc. This was very much on purpose but moving forward into the feature made me put on my thinking cap for names; therefore whilst we shoot Dead Air, our concept short, all our actors will have names attached to their characters. The band are named after famous punks and favourite holidays, the males have very comic booky names, including one who has appeared now in 4 films I’ve been involved in, which is always fun. It’s when the creatures find they share their names with the Co-Pilot we have to worry. All hell will break loose.

Finally, this is a bit of a tease, but within the next couple of weeks there will be some VERY exciting news announced. We are just waiting for the go ahead and then you will all know.

Until then, watch the skies…