Giving Thanks

We here at Dead Air towers are on our final crowdfunder. We would like to thank all of those that have backed and supported our project so far. It feels like we’ve been doing these all year, but in actual fact this is only the 2nd indiegogo.

When we moved from Kickstarter to Indiegogo it was to be able to do a 2 stage crowdfunder as we really needed to shoot by a certain date otherwise we knew we would lose the location and most likely some of our very busy cast and crew.

Therefore our crowdfunding was divided into a successful pre and production crowdfunder that allowed us to shoot the film, and what we are currently on, the post production crowdfunder to finish the film.

For anyone that has attempted a crowdfunder, these are hard things to do, especially on top of a full time job. This therefore has to be our last one, because frankly, we are shattered.

Our post production campaign was always to raise funds to finish the film in the best way possible. This involved us needing to pay for: –



Miniatures & one further scene

Hollywood Legend

Opening animated sequence

Festival submissions

With some great people lined up to help out the post production we hoped that we would raise enough to enable us to do all of this. With the deadline fast approaching we are still a long way from our goal, so we have had to start thinking about what we won’t be able to have on this project, because ultimately we won’t be able to afford it, which is a damn shame after all the hard work that has gone into the project so far.

We obviously aren’t giving up, and would dearly love to get more awesome backers on board before we shut up shop, but we need to be realistic, and so do all our followers, our backers, our supporters. Sometimes you don’t get all that you want.

Having said all that, we would dearly love you all to continue to support and share our project, if you can uniquely shout out about it in these final days, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING

Our crowdfunder is here

Shout us out to the world & LETS ROCK!

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