Crowdfunding returns

Tonight at 8pm UK time, our final crowdfunder commences & will run until early December.

This is to help us with the whole post production phase. You will be able to see our teaser trailer attached to the crowdfunding video from tonight, but we need your help to raise enough to help us get this film to the finish line, to help towards:


Miniature work

Animated opening sequence

Cut Scene


Festival run

Hollywood Legend

All the money raised so far and what we aim to raise from the post production crowdfunder will take this film to the heights we would like to take it. 

It is an ambitious film, always has been, but one that we hope will capture the imagination to take it even further. We would dearly love this to become a feature that everyone talks about.
With your help, we get that step closer.

Help us on this journey.  We’ve got a great crew on board both in front and behind the camera, so join us?

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